Dear, Hufflepuffs from Drew Seminar 100

 Fellow Hufflepuffs this is Daniel. I hope you guys are not surprised as you are receiving this letter.               It has been a while since we were sorted by the magical muffins. However, I still have clear and vivid memories of that day

Like Harry, I recall that most of us in the room were quite nervous about the sorting. Even though we were told that the sorting muffins had the same ability as the sorting hat, I am pretty sure that not many of us were convinced, because it seemed more like a random sorting rather than magic. Unlike the Sorting Hat, the Sorting muffins failed to consider our choices. I remember James and Jeremy saying that they should have been put in Slytherin. I remember Carly saying that she should have been sorted into any house except Hufflepuff. And I remember Danny fiercely denying his new identity. For these reasons, I believe that the sorting muffins don’t consider our opinions. Though, trying to accept the fact that we were sorted by magic, I guess some muffins must have had to ignore our choices or else there would have been no Hufflepuffs at the Hufflepuff table. As I also wanted to be in a different house which obviously was Gryffindor.    

When we first gathered at our Hufflepuff table I remember that all five us were in deep sadness as we were not pleased with the sorting. The first activity we did as a group was finding representative characteristics of our house. I recall that we had a difficult time engaging in the activity because we could not concentrate due to the mental damage of being placed in our most unwanted house. We needed time to recover from the sorting.    

After, recovering we finally started to discuss the characteristics that could represent Hufflepuff. We decided to think of traits from the most famous characters in the house. But there was no specific character that came to our mind. After thinking for a long time we thought of Cedric Diggory. Cedric made us thrilled. Finally, the Hufflepuffs had a cool character. Unfortunately, our happiness did not last long. We soon realized that all of the Hufflepuffs that we discussed eventually dies in the series, including our last hope Cedric. So we tried to deny our identity as a Hufflepuff because all the characters that seemed great or cool were in other houses. I mean at least the other houses survive!

Though, as Dumbledore has said, “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”. Danny, ironically, brought a new perspective to the table. He encouraged that we could be the greatest Hufflepuffs by just surviving through the whole semester as even the famous Hufflepuff like Cedric fails to stay alive. At first, it sounded funny however it was an important change of mind. From that moment Danny would always say “Go, team. Let’s make Hufflepuff great”.

Now we had a goal for the semester becoming the greatest Hufflepuffs ever. However, to be honest, sometimes we would lose confidence. Looking at Gryffindor surpassing other houses without Dumbledore’s extra points made us go through low morale in the house cup competition. But as I carefully read through the series while doing research for my DSEM paper I realized that Hufflepuffs are actually great. It is unfortunate that most wizards underestimate Hufflepuffs. They fail to recognize what the Hufflepuffs have done for the wizarding world. Not only do the other wizards underestimate Hufflepuffs but we have also failed to appreciate ourselves as we think that we are inferior compared to other houses which made us deny our identity as a Hufflepuff time to time.

However, as I had said I am now convinced that Hufflepuff is great. Also, I notice that we all have the characteristics of a Hufflepuff it is just that we do not notice it or yet admit it. But it is now time that we do.

Hufflepuffs value “hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play” Looks like we are qualified to be called Hufflepuffs. Think about our discussion of house points in our group. After every long conversation, the end will eventually be someone joking about Gryffindor winning the house cup with their last-minute extra points. Even though, it was a joke we would fiercely argue that it is not fair and sometimes even describe it injustice. Recalling these memories I am sure that we value fair play. And our intense reactions towards Gryffindor earning last-minute points proves it.

Also, Hufflepuffs are great because of their loyalty. When other wizards ran away the Hufflepuffs remained at Hogwarts during the final battle in the Deadly Hallows. Yes, most of them died. But if it was not for the Hufflepuffs that stayed and fought with Harry, the magical world might have now been in the hands of You-Know-Who. So let’s have pride in our house. If it was not for us the storyline might have been quite different.

 Furthermore, we might have been sarcastic about being a Hufflepuff times to times. But we would never be happy if someone from a different house joked about Hufflepuff. Even though we act like we do not have much affection for our houses, our actions are different. Our actions prove that we care about our house.

I am not sure how the house cup will end. For now, it looks like the Gryffindors will win again. However, we have fulfilled our goal of making Hufflepuff great. We are all alive. And in fact, we are actually living as Hufflepuffs. Let’s be proud of ourselves and admit our identity as 2019 Drew Seminar 100 Hufflepuffs, the greatest ever. It has been a honor working with you, fellow Hufflepuffs.

November 7th , 2019

 Sincerely, Daniel Park